Why Do You Need to Join?

Benefits Of Mentally Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace can improve staff morale and engagement, reduce staff turnover and improve relationships among employees, resulting in fewer conflicts and complaints.

There are many effective actions that organisations can take to promote mental health in the workplace; such actions may also benefit productivity. Oversea experience has shown that a well-implemented plan to promote a healthy working environment and culture has financial benefits.

The Following Incentives Will Be Provided to Organisations Signing the Charter –

  1. Organiser will offer professional support and information on mental health related resources available in the community;
  2. Organiser will arrange for the names of organisations and the recognition titles attained to be listed in the Charter website;
  3. Organisations have the right to display their recognition titles on letterheads, website and organisation publications for two years; and
  4. Selected organisations will be invited to join the kick-off event of the Initiative and receive a certificate.

List of Activities